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I work with individuals and families during and after divorce

Divorce is terribly hard. But there is good news: no matter how bleak your situation feels, you can thrive on the other side. Since 2004, I've been helping families and individuals successfully navigate divorce. Relationships are my highest priority – I provide a warm, safe, and supportive environment so we can work together as a team to achieve your goals.

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Since every divorce situation is unique, I believe there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, I work with clients to define their needs and form a plan that works for them. This collaboration is key to success. The services listed below are intended to give an idea of what our sessions might involve, but the plan and approach will vary depending on your family's situation.

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I collaborate with my clients to assess their goals and maintain an open dialogue while we work together to achieve them. I generally use a systems theory, solution-focused, cognitive behavioral approach, but the process always adapts to the needs of the client. Sessions may include the whole family, the child, the couple, or the individual.

Child Development

Development is not linear – children grow and change at different paces. Often, children regress when faced with changes in their lives. I assess children’s development and work with parents to help them understand their child’s needs. I am also available for expert testimony on child development.

Collaborative Divorce

I have advanced training in Interest Based Negotiation and as a Collaborative Divorce Coach and Child Specialist. With the help of a collaborative team, I help families amicably work through creating the best settlement for the family.

Reunification Therapy

When a parent loses contact with a child for any reason the court may order reunification therapy. In this form of family therapy, I work with the children and parents on healing relationships in the family system.

Parenting Plan

Whether working with partners individually or with an attorney in the mediation process, I help parents create a parenting plan or time-sharing agreement that is specialized for the family’s needs.

Parenting Coordination

As a parenting coordinator, I have a neutral role with the goal of facilitating communication with parents, mediating disputes, decreasing conflict, crafting a parenting plan, and educating families. I work with clients (and if necessary, their attorneys) to define the scope of my role as parenting coordinator to meet the needs of the family. 

Co-Parenting Counseling

I work with parent partners to put their anger and hurt aside and move forward in an amicable way for their children. The focus of co-parent counseling is to improve communication, reduce conflict, and implement parenting strategies specific for your children and family.

Attorney Collaboration

If necessary, I work with clients’ attorneys in a consultation role during litigation – doing evaluations, expert witness testimony, and legal consulting. I am an expert in child development, parenting during and after divorce, and counseling. If needed, I evaluate parents and children to write reports and testify.

Therapeutic Visitation

I provide a safe and appropriate environment for children to visit with a parent that requires supervision. I also provide constructive criticism as well as appropriate parenting strategies to the supervised parent.

Divorce Coaching

I help navigate the confusing and scary process of divorce as well as the dynamics of parenting post divorce.  We will work together to sort through specific issues and brainstorm solutions that are specific to you and your family’s needs.

Caroline Taylor, divorce therapist, smiling and sitting in her office at a desk.

"Caroline's dedication to her profession and clients is unparalleled."

"Caroline is a true professional. Her demeanor is calm and caring, a welcome presence during what can be very trying times. As she navigates complicated situations with parents, she never loses sight of what is in the best interest of the children. Her dedication to both her profession and clients is unparalleled. I recommend her highly."

– Google Review

"Caroline has helped my family beyond explanation."

"Caroline has helped my family beyond explanation. She is thoughtful, detailed, and kind in her approach to aiding in the repair of broken relationships. She listens intently and has been absolutely integral in mine and my family's healing. I have worked with her for over six years and trust her implicitly. I would recommend her to anyone!"

– Google Review

"Caroline was a lifesaver."

"Caroline was a life saver and is an absolute professional. I do not know how the children and I would have made it without her steady, guiding hand. She is fantastic."

– Google Review

"You have always been super responsive, candid, and no-nonsense."

"Thank you for all the attention and care you gave our case. You have always been super responsive, candid, and no-nonsense. I really appreciated all of it."

– Client Review

"I am beyond thankful for the impact you have made on our lives."

"I know you were just doing your job, but I am beyond thankful for the impact you have made on our lives. I will continue to work with you in order to be the best parent I can be for our little guy."

– Client Review
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